This patch is to be used with a Monome Grid, specifically one with 128 buttons oriented horizontally. If you do not have a Monome Grid, our app midiosc will allow you to use this patch with a Midi controller or with your mouse with midiosc v1.1.0.


A chordophone is in the simplest sense, a stringed instrument. Guitars, zithers, harps, lutes, etc. are all examples of chordophones. This patch aspires to provide a similar feel to using a dulcimer and an autoharp, but maybe lands somewhere closer to a chord organ.

The top row provides global functionality and tunes the two instruments to a note (buttons [0 0]-[11 0] A-G#) and either the Ionian, Aeolian, or Dorian mode (buttons [12 0]-[14 0]). The instrument will also allow you to switch between two selected modes by toggling button [15 0]. This will give you the flexibility to change keys on the fly during a performance.

The left half of the bottom seven rows will trigger triads. The right half of the bottom seven rows will trigger individual notes. Up one row is up an octave, over one column is up a scale degree.

The repo for chordophone can be found here: Special thanks to Derek Cohen for his guidance on this project.